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a.k.a. Designer on a Retainer

Do you have on-going design needs?

Save money and get timely service without wasting time on quotes!

As a Bee VIP, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred hours each month, all at a discounted rate. You can reserve a week of your choice on our monthly calendar, during which the designer will dedicate time to your project. This allows you to guarantee a consistent dedicated slot and you can brief the designer at the beginning of your chosen week.

Why the subscription model?
Read more about our reasons and the journey behind Bee VIP.

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Questions and answers

What type of work can I book?

We have a wide experience within the design industry, and there are no limits to the type of design work you can use your allocated hours for. Branding, packaging, books, brochures, flyers, banners, car wraps, billboards, Canva templates, internal documents, merchandise, business cards, T-shirts, web content… For video production and photo shoots, please talk to us! This type of work tends to require more hours.

Who’s doing the work?

We currently have two senior designers (Beks & Enni) with over 40 years of combined experience, ready to work on your branding and design needs. If there’s a need to outsource, we’ll talk to you.

BONUS: You can also book time with our AI / digital marketing expert Sami, to improve your processes and let AI do some of the annoying work for you!

How do you keep track of the hours?
When you send us a brief, we’ll give you an hourly estimate and update your tally at the end of each day so you know exactly how many hours you’ve used. If you go over, you can book more design time (subject to availability) for the same discounted rate.

We don’t overbook! If you sign up to 10 hours of Bee VIP, those hours are reserved for you. Kind of like hiring a designer, but with far lower commitment and overheads.

Rollover and extra hours

If you don’t use the allocated design time, it will roll over onto the next month. However, extra time is subject to availability. A variation of +/– 5 hours is easy to accommodate. If you have more than 10 hours of rollover time, OR over 10 hours of extra design time, please contact us as early as possible. We will do our best to fit you in, but our team is small and some weeks are busier than others.

The Bee VIP subscription works best for organisations that have on-going design needs.